A Sabbatical experience

Well. Just finished my latest adventure, a sabbatical month at the beach.

Plans were to produce artwork at least 4h a day, re-educate myself in terms of dieting, exercise a lot and have fun. I got married and this was something to celebrate our marriage as well. We will be moving out to Santa Monica/CA in january/2015 (I got hired by the coolest game company ever, but let`s keep this to another post) so this was the perfect time for this sabbatical period.

I kept my word and produced at least 4 hours a day, improved my diet habits and exercised a lot! It definitely was worth it! I didn`t take pictures of every single clay sketch I did or every zbrush/3dsmax/maya piece I`ve started during this period.

The original idea was to say no to any sort of freelance work. I couldn`t resist tho and did a few small scan/clean-up stuff 😉

But there you go, a few pieces I wanted to show you all.


003 004 ears

All the clay sketchs were done in Chavant NSP Medium10314632_804586506251233_8766404436236848770_n  cowboy_01 warm_upbatman_

10410695_560969334047793_7998776501767789172_n 10383652_579972832147443_6369423105673821600_n